20 some years ago, my grandmother gifted me a camera.  I could say the rest is history, but that would be a lie, because so much more happened when that little Kodak was placed in my hands.  The realization that life could be documented came to fruition for a 10 year old little girl in Northern Minnesota. Years might be passing, but the standard remains the same.  I LOVE documenting the most important, sacred, and cherished part of people's lives through the lens.  It's truly an honor to be present as people begin their lives together as engaged and married couples.  Ultimately, when there's love involved, it's something that I can't help but want to be a part of! 


My other loves? Our little life in Hawley, MN.  I adore my husband of 13 years, and our four children.  Everything I do in photography, is because of the life I've built with them.  Singing, Reading, Church, Old Dog Brutus, Nature, Good Friends, Laughter, and a Simple Life are more that what makes me, me!

Let me capture you.  Who you are today, in this moment, with the people you love dearly.  Because as grandma used to say, "These moments will never come again."  


~ Miriah 












5 Fun Facts


1.  I'm a true blue boho hippie deep in my heart.  Give me the earth to run barefoot around, open fields, and sunshine or rain.  Just give me outside.  I like to think this is reflected in my photography.


2.  I'm a sports mom!  And super competitive.  


3.  I cuss like a sailor.  Embaressed to say, but I'm working on it.  


4.  I'm a published author.  That's right, I write.  In all my spare time...can't even say that with a straight face.  But I really do write, and have been published in local magazines.  


5.  I have a weird obsession with the tiny house movement, and small cabins in the woods.  Seriously, four kids and 3 animals wouldn't stop me from trying it out!